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student attacked, a
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university of maryland student tackled and robbed, tonight how police are dealing with a string of similar crimes. good evening everyone thanks for joining us, i'm adam may. that robbery triggered another robbery alert on campus. more than a dozen have been issued by police this year that involve students and robberies. a college park student tackled by four people and robbed of his wallet early sunday morning. he suffered injuries to his face alarming several students that travel on campus. the robbery is more than a dozen involving students this year, at least seven students targeted in just the last week. >> one crime is too many. >> reporter: the new university police chief told wjz he wants increased reporting of off campus crimes hoping that awareness leads to safety. >> there's areas that are highly visited or they are places of gathering for students here. yes i'm going to report what's happening there in the way of crime alerts and the way of
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advisories to keep our students safe. >> reporter: that means sharing more information so it's eventually passed on to students. >> the students do their best, and police do their best but it's still going to happen. i think people just need to be aware of their surroundings. well, now that hurricane earl is out of the picture, thousands of marylanders are hitting the road this weekend. tonight jessica cartalia reports that this year's unemployment numbers are supposed to hit an all time high. >> reporter: the summer goes off with a bang with a beautiful labor day weekend. aaa predicts more marylanders on the road this labor day weekend over last year.
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>> we are expecting a 33% increase. >> reporter: gas prices are down, adding extra incentive to get behind the wheel. >> m. maryland's average is $2.69 a gallon. they are the lowest they've been over the entire summer. >> reporter: while gas is down, hotel rates is up. and if air travel is in your plans, expect to see an increase. >> it's not that much, it's about a 4% increase and only about 4% of marylanders will be be fliers. >> reporter: if you are extending your beach weekend, most visitors stay through monday. expect quite a back up on the bay bridge. regardless of where you are this holiday weekend, if you are going to be driving, aaa mid-atlantic recommends you leave very early monday morning or later monday evening.
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jessica cartalia, wjz eyewitness news. and analysts attribute this increase to improved economic improvements. and of course weather is not hurting. the oceans settled down quite a bit after high surfs. here's a live look outside tonight. what about the labor day holiday? let's check in with meteorologist bernadette woods, she's live at the first warning center. >> it is gorgeous outside this weekend so far and it looks like if you like the summertime weather it's returning. i want to show you radar, there's nothing going on out there. the entire mid-atlantic has nothing around it. now for the next few days, look at this graphic here, we are expecting a warm up and it is really going to kick in.
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after being below average today, we're going above average tomorrow and even higher on tuesday. in addition to that, a new tropical depression has formed in the gulf. we will have that coming up in the forecast. >> another one, all right bernadette, thank you. one of the most popular young is singers in the country is in maryland tonight. justin beiber just performed. derek valcourt is reporting. and i bet you're ready for an aspirin. >> reporter: a lot of girls tomorrow are going to be waking up without voices. >> he's hot. >> he's awesome. >> i will try to jump on stage if i have to. >> reporter: forget beiber fever, at the state fair it was more like beibe pandemonium.
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thousands of mostly screaming girls lined up saturday night to see the pop sensation. >> his voice is just -- >> he's just talented. >> he's so talented. >> reporter: here everything justin beiber sells out fast. the nearly 10,000 tickets sold out online in just 18 minutes. with that kind of love it's no wonder some people pay double even triple face value of the tickets. >> we tried to buy them off of ticket master, and we couldn't get them. we were forced to go to ebay. >> we went online as soon as they came on sale. >> he's hot, he's sexy. >> reporter: beiber fever hasn't seemed to hit many adults. >> do you have it? >> i'm trying. >> reporter: what do crow think
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you think about all of this? >> it's crazy. he's just a kid who sings. >> reporter: such a rush to see the beiber, mta extended hours running trains till mid-night. >> it's been very convenient because you can come and park here. >> reporter: a few parents complained that the lines to get into the concert were disorganized. there were people pushing and shoving. but police report no major incidents there tonight. as for the concert itself, we weren't allowed in. but the fans tell us it was beiberriffic. >> we'll have to get that on wikipedia. the concert was the last of the u.s. for the rest of this month. he'll now be touring his home country of canada for the rest of september. well on a more serious note. court records could soon be going paperless in the city of
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maryland. the baltimore sun reports that a pilot program is being launched in 2012. people will not have to go to the courthouse just to look at documents, instead they'll be able to access a single network online. the project is expected to be completed around 2015. the state has already put more than $20 billion into it. you can read more about it in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. with economic set backs piling up around the country, president obama now wants to bring back tax credits for businesses. the research and development tax credits are designed to help spur economic growth. on wednesday, the president will ask congress to permenantly extend the $100 billion credits. the white house says the proposal will be paid for by closing other corporate tax breaks. tonight investigators looking into the gulf oil spill
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could finally examine the piece of equipment that caused it. >> reporter: federal agents took control of a key piece of equipment at the scene of the largest offshore oil spill in the nation's history. the blow out preventer could provide answers to what went wrong on the deep water horizon. on april 20th, a bubble exploded on the rig. more than 200 million-gallons of oil spewed into the gulf. it's still unclear why equipment on the rig failed. 11 workers died in the explosion. >> i think these guys, they deserve this. we need to find out not only for them and their memories and for the industry. >> reporter: it took 5.5 hours to raise the device from the ocean floor, one mile beneath the surface. fbi agents are escorting it to
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a nasa facility where they will examine it to find out what went wrong. >> everybody is going to understand what has taken place and will be able to better -- you know, get the oil industry back and running again. >> reporter: bp and the coast guard say the oil well is sealed and is no longer a threat to the gulf of mexico. but the economic and environmental impact may linger for years. and an examination of that blow out preventer is not expected to answer why the gas exploded in the first place. car enthusiasts revved up their engines in the name of fighting cancer. this event was organized to bring information to men on getting tested early. coming up on wjz eyewitness
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news, panic at a family cook out, a deck crashes downright underneath them. he's the most famous flight attendant in the country. what really went down with him and jet blue. i'm meteorologist bernadettewoods and i'll have your full forecast when wjz eyewitness news returns. ,,,,,,,,
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a family in philadelphia was enjoying a cook out this labor day weekend when suddenly the entire deck they are on came crashing down. several people were hurt including a 3 -month-old baby. all of the family members that were wedged between the deck were taken to the hospital but none were seriously hurt. family members that saw the whole thing happen were in disbelief. >> we were having a family cook off then the deck just suddenly collapsed. fightening to see your family in between the roof like that not knowing if everybody was okay. >> reporter: wires were take undown during the collapse. family members are now requesting an investigation why. the family of late senator robert byrd is outraged by a
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senate candidate who used an imagine from his memorial in a campaign ad. the imagine shows senate nominee and west virginia governor george mansion sitting next to president obama at the service. it is part of an attack ad on mansion by republican candidate race. senator byrd's family says the ad was senseless. lawyers for steven slater say he resigned from the airline and wasn't fired. slater has been charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing. an 11-year-old boy in australia is attacked by a seal that he was feeding at the zoo. moments before the boy's sister
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took a picture. the boy said he couldn't feel anything happening. he didn't even realize how serious the situation was until his sister started crying. the zoo says that the seal has never displayed any aggressive behavior and jack has a little bit of an idea of why it may have happened. >> the seal sneezed on me, and it had fish guts all over me. and i think it smelled the fish and wanted to eat me. >> jack suffered injuries to his back and stomach, but he calls it quote just an accident. his step mom and dad say they are happy he is back home and in good spirits. expected to make a full recovery. new plans to restore the chesapeake bay will be presented later this week. president obama ordered the federal environmental agency to get up a report card. virginia will make their presentations next thursday and friday. they'll be discussing several
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ideas, but one was an idea to turn manure and algae into energy. the quality of water by covering several local reservoirs. tim williams reports that a new federal mandate is behind this massive effort. >> reporter: some water may soon be disappearing and it has nothing to do with drought. >> basically we're talking about covering some of our drinking water reservoirs, that is bodies of water and there's few of these around where the water is essentially completed and finished and ready to drink. >> reporter: new federal laws require the city department of public works to shield your drinking water as it sits or provide additional treatment before you get it. it's a huge project to the tune of $27 million, 6 million of that from federal stimulus m oney. >> the covering is going to provide better water quality. you don't have to worry about pollen or leaves or anything
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like that go into the water. you will also be able to use fewer chlorine in the water. >> reporter: the finished product will look like a grass covered field. two reservoirs that are too large to cover and are part of the community landscape are the ones here at hewitt park. and at what cost to you? >> consumers in the baltimore area have noticed the bills going up. generally in baltimore city it has been 9% every year. that money is going to fix the infrastructure on this project. >> reporter: the two to three year project is flowing ahead of schedule. tim williams, wjz. all right, let's check back in with meteorologist
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bernadette woods. it's been a great start, great start to this holiday weekend. >> amazing. it really has. we've got rid of earl. it was a refreshing wind and still left over today but not as much. tomorrow the temperatures go up. so if you like the summertime weather and people still taking advantage of their pools. it's going to be warming up. >> getting a little chilly though. >> stay tuned, check out this forecast. today we got up to 78 degrees. we started out at 52 degrees. tonight we are dropping. we're down to 61 already in baltimore. 70 in dc and take a look out in the mountains. 55degrees in oakland, only got into the low 60s today for a high. now the winds are calming down and the temperatures are going to drop under clear skies tonight. once again, in a lot of cases we could hit the upper 40s for our lows. however, the warmer air is returning. high pressure is in control right now. that high drifts off to the east and as it does it allows
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the warmer air to return behind it, tomorrow we drop back into the 50s. if we do hit 90 degrees on tuesday, we have another chance on wednesday. we will break our record for all time number of 90 plus degree days in a year. this year we've broken so many records, not surprised if we do it again. best chances tuesday and wednesday. we get into the 80s, close to 90 degrees on tuesday. this cold front comes through with a chance for a shower and it knocks us back down for the end of the week. what else we need to talk about. this is tropical depression number eight, it just formed. it doesn't have a whole lot of time to strengthen. in the time frame, there's a chance it could become a tropical storm. if it does, it would be called hermune. may be affecting southern parts of the the texas. elsewhere in the tropic, still
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watching what was at one point, could reform into a more organized tropical system. we'll keep you up to date on that. our waters are much quieter, winds turning up five to 10 knots. we could go down to 50 degrees, it's going to be a cool one. tomorrow we recover to 85 degrees. 91 wednesday, chance for a shower, as soon as that cold front comes through, knocks us back down for the end of the week. adam. >> nice return to the week. check in tomorrow morning for the updated forecast. the orioles take two out of three from the visiting rays. sam will have the highlights then reaction plus more coming up in sports.
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hello everybody, orioles baseball on the upswing. the first place yankees in the
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al east. take a backtrack down memory lane, cal ripkin tossed up the first pitch. o's leading in the third. looking for more, when after one swing of the bat, patterson swings a homer to right field. pie scored, cory had lee rbis. do you like good defense. that does the thing for you. all you want says bryan roberts who takes a sleep spreading his wing like a morning dove. orioles-rays 7-8 was the final. watch this catch, third. >> we want to keep it going. and like i said we are getting timely hitting, we're getting pitching. our pitching is getting us back in there. we give up a few and we get them right back, that's what we
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need to do. >> orioles at yankees. tennis now, anna evanovich number three williams defeated number 16 teyur. for the men, rafael nedal defeated simon. today's only surprise was that number four andy murray fell to his 26th seeded opponent. tomorrow marks labor day when both the university of maryland and navy face each other in quite the marquee season opener. downtown at the purple palace, both squads are hoping to avoid turn overs. >> what do turn overs do to you, do they just suck the air out of you or what? >> well, i think they probably take years off my life, to tell you the truth. but we have worked extremely
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hard from winter considering to holding a towel, we're not allowed to have a ball. >> navy favored by six, when the terps and the men face off. jason day has one shot lead over brent sneteckey. tiger woods had a 69. could lose his number one world ranking during tomorrow's labor day finish. into wmba, sue byrd draining a three as the storm beat the phoenix mercury 91-88 on the road. they take that series 2-1. and are advancing to the wmba finals against either new york or atlanta. that's sports. >> all right, sam, thanks. did you ever dream of being a pirate as ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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